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Panda AntiVirus 2019 Apple Products

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Panda AntiVirus Complete 2019

Reviewed by Ray Sidhu on .

Panda AntiVirus Complete 2019, is a useful and well made anti-virus software program.

Panda AntiVirus Complete is a easy to use and quick running anti-virus program. I think it is a bit pricey because it allows for only 1 install on your personal computer and phone and Mac.

Rating: 5

Hello! Thanks for visiting, I'm Ray Sidhu. I've been a computer technician for over 10 years and I am the owner of Dialtone Computer Services, my own computer repair business in Sacramento, California.

Panda Antivirus 2019 Complete by Panda Security© seems to work quickly and not bog down your computer. It has in depth options for scanning viruses and malware.

Panda Security© normally sells this product for $80.24 but if you purchase today you can get it for only $64.19.  

Today, I'm going to show you how Panda AntiVirus Complete 2019 works to keep your PC free from viruses and spyware and malware too.

After downloading and installing Panda AntiVirus I am greeted with the following screens.

panda_antivirus_install1 panda_antivirus_install2 panda_antivirus_install3

After installing and launching Panda Antivirus I am asking to enter and validate me email address as shown here:

panda_antivirus_install4 panda_antivirus_install5

Then I am taking to the Main Screen of Panda AntiVirus 2019


By the way the install went fairly quickly and the main screen popped up right away!

Clicking the Aa button on the bottom left corner of the main scren shows all the names for the icons on the main screen:

The first icon of Panda Antivirus Complete 2019, allows you to scan your system for viruses and malware:

THere are three options:

  • Critical Areas
  • Full Scan
  • Custom Scan

I ran a critcal areas scan just to see how long it would take.

panda_antivirus_scan1 panda_antivirus_scan2 panda_antivirus_scan3

The critcal areas scan only took about 2 minutes to complete.
I ran a full scan which said it would take several hours to complete. I didn't run the full scan though due to the lenght of time it would take.
I did run a custom scan on my desktop folder which took about 10 minutes since i have a large installation folder on the desktop.

panda_antivirus_scan4 panda_antivirus_scan5

Clicking the Anti-Virus button allows you to turn the virus software on or off, schedule a scan, run a scan or view items in quarantine.


I setup a scheduled scan called “My Scan” which will run a critical areas scan. I set it for 2 minutes from now, so lets see if it will run.


So nothing popped up when the scheduled scan ran, but i did notice it running because my computer slowed down a bit also by looking at the log file I can see the scan started at 2:30PM, which is what i set it to do!


When setting up a scheduled scan Panda Anti Virus Complete allows you to configure advanced options and excluded areas shown here:


Clicking on PC Cleanup allows you to run some very basic PC Maitainance task such as cleaning junk files, disabling startup items, defragmenting the hard drive, or scheduling a automatic pc clean up.


You can add a scheduled PC Cleanup task to run at the frequence and time you choose, you can also select the areas you want to scheduled task to clean. I have created a clean task called "My Cleanup" shown here:


Opening the boot manager of Panda Antivirus 2019 allows you to view and disable programs that automatically start with Windows:


Selecting the defragmenter simply opens up the Windows defragmentor tool.

Clicking "Free Up Space Now" opens up this window here where you can clean up your browsers temporary files or registery items or etc...


Clicking on the VPN icon from the main screen of Panda Antivirus allows you to connect to the internet through a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This hides your IP address among other things from the internet. It also prevents others from capturing your network data when you are on a public wifi connection such as in a hotel, restaurant or airport. The Complete version of Panda Dome Anti-Virus 2019 only allows you 150MB of VPN data, if you want unlimited VPN, you need to purchase the Premium product version


You have to connect to the VPN first. As you can see in the picture I have connected to the VPN and I get all the pop ups related to it. Once you are connected you will see your data get used up pretty quickly, especially if your watching video.

panda_antivirus_vpn2  panda_antivirus_vpn3

Clicking on the "My Devices" section of Panda Dome Complete Anti-Virus 2019 allows you to access the other devices where you have Panda Dome installed.

As you can see I have Panda Dome installed on my Galaxy S9 and I can manage it from here, I can send an alert, lock the phone, wipe it, find its location, etc. To be honest, I could not get the features to work, the only thing that was working was locating the phone, I could not send an alarm to the phone or take a picture, go figure. You can also install Panda Dome on your iPhone or Apple mac computer!

panda_antivirus_mydevices1  panda_antivirus_mydevices2  panda_antivirus_mydevices3

Moving onto the Panda Anti-Virus data shield. It is not enabled by default. The Data Sheild protects your data against ransomeware attacks such as Cryptolocker. Cryptolocker will encrypt your data then make you purchase a key to unencrypt it. I have seen this happen a few times to people and it is a common problem and it is reported in the news alot too. it is good to have protection against this type of attack.

panda_antivirus_datashield1  panda_antivirus_datashield2  panda_antivirus_datashield3  panda_antivirus_datashield4 

After enabling the Data Shield your are given some options on what to protect, it protects certain folders and file types by default. You can also allow or deny access to certain applications on the computer:

panda_antivirus_datashield5  panda_antivirus_datashield6 

Moving on to Panda Anti-Virus Complete WiFi protection. Wifi protection is an interesting thing, I connected to my home wifi and enabed wifi-protection. I am then allowed to monitor my wifi connection. This page allows me to see what devices are connected to the same wifi I am using. It also allows me to see pertinent information regarding the configuration of my wifi router. The Wi-Fi connection monitor also gives me information on what channel I should configure my router with. My router is currently set to channel 6 but I can change it to 9 for a better connection, Panda Anti-Virus complete also gives me a link to send me directly to my routers administrator page by clicking the configure router link.

panda_antivirus_wifiprotection1  panda_antivirus_wifiprotection2  panda_antivirus_wifiprotection3 

Clicking on the Personal Firewall section of Panda Anti-Virus gives you this page here. On this page you can turn the firewall on or off or access the advanced settings by clicking the gear icon. I went ahead and disabled outbound connections for Internet Exploder and sure enough I was not longer able to browse with IE. There is also some advanced settings here, I am sure the defaults are good.

panda_antivirus_firewall1  panda_antivirus_firewall2  panda_antivirus_firewall3 

Moving onto Application Control, it is not enabled by default and you have to turn it on. After turning it on I am allowed to choose which applications I want to block. I want to deny access to Google Chrome so I went ahead and put in in there to see if it will block it. Sure enough when I tried to run google chrome I am notified that it is blocked and it doesn’t open. After changing the setting to allow, I am then able to run Chrome, Yay!

panda_antivirus_appcontrol1  panda_antivirus_appcontrol2  panda_antivirus_appcontrol3  panda_antivirus_appcontrol4  panda_antivirus_appcontrol6  panda_antivirus_appcontrol5  panda_antivirus_appcontrol7 

So far I think the Panda Anti-Virus Complete software is good anti-virus. Looking at the parental control settings, we are given this screen here:


I can basically turn it on here and also so some reports. I have to go into the settings by clicking the gear icon and configure some stuff to control. I went ahead and disabled access to adult/pornographic sites to see if Panda Anti-Virus will block it and sure enough it does in both IE, Edge and Chrome.

panda_antivirus_parentalcontrol2 panda_antivirus_parentalcontrol4

You can get a report of websites that were deined by clicking one of the links on the main parental controls screen, here I can see that I was denied access to and

panda_antivirus_parentalcontrol7 panda_antivirus_parentalcontrol8

Moving onto usb protection, this setting allows you to configure automatic scanning of USB devices (such as usb drives) that are plugged in the computer as this is a common way viruses get spread. I went ahead and plugged in a jump drive and I am given prompts to scan it. I went ahead and scanned and vaccinated it as shown:

panda_antivirus_usbprotection1 panda_antivirus_usbprotection2 panda_antivirus_usbprotection3 panda_antivirus_usbprotection4

The Process Monitor that is included with Panda Anti-Virus Complete is pretty good. It allows you to see the processing running on your computer and also it shows you what URL’s those processes are accessing. For example I have the skype program running and I can see it in the process monitor, If I click the skype process I can see a list of URL’s it is using. That can be useful in trying to determine a rogue process.

panda_antivirus_processmonitor1 panda_antivirus_processmonitor2 panda_antivirus_processmonitor3

You can also block a process from this page, I tried it and it doesn’t work that great. I tried to block skype and it said it blocked it and put it in quarantine. But I could still kinda run the skype app. This process blocker is really meant to block rogue processes and not legitimate programs and I think it will work very well to block rogue processes but for standard application blocking I would not use this page here.


Using the anti-theft option of Panda-Anti virus allows you to locate your phone. You have to login to your panda account, I tried the send alam option and it still did not work on my phone, even though I have the panda app installed on my phone.

panda_antivirus_antitheft2 panda_antivirus_antitheft1

The recuse kit option of Panda Anti-Virus 2019 allows you to create some computer rescue media. I went ahead and created the rescue usb drive and then booted up from it.

panda_antivirus_rescuekit1 panda_antivirus_rescuekit2 panda_antivirus_rescuekit3 panda_antivirus_rescuekit4

I could not get the rescue usb drive to boot, it would ask me for the video settings or press spacebar to continue or wait 30 secons, I tried waiting and pressing the space bar, then I got stuck at this screen. Not sure what the problem is, I will try to boot it from my laptop to see if it works there. Looks like it gets hung up on my PC for some reason.

panda_antivirus_rescuekit9 panda_antivirus_rescuekit10

Unfortunately, I could not get it to work on my laptop either, I will try again some other time.

Clicking on Detect advanced viruses downloads the Panda Cloud Cleaner. It runs just like any regular virus scan but apparently it detects more advanced stuff. You can kill all proceses, send files to Panda or unlock files with this tool.

panda_antivirus_rescuekit6 panda_antivirus_rescuekit7

Clicking on other disinfection tools takes you to this page, which downloads the panda cloud cleaner installer, one allows you to create a usb drive, the other is simply a executeable that you download and run.


As far as I can tell its the same thing as the Panda Cloud Cleaner.

Well the Panda Cloud Cleaner just got finished running, it took about 20 minutes on my PC. It didn’t find anything. It sent the results of the scan to Panda over the cloud. The only thing it recommened for me was to cleanout my Temporary Files cache for both Internet Explorer and Chrome. So I did that! I tried to run the Panda Cloud Cleaner USB Stick but it is the same one that the rescue kit creates and still gets hung up on this spot here.

panda_antivirus_rescuekit8 panda_antivirus_rescuekit9

Moving on to virtual keyboard, all this does if give you a secure place to type incase you are inputting sensitive information like passwords. This will ensure that no Spying Software can capture your keystrokes to try and steal your passwords.


Clicking on File Shredder prompts you to install it: After you install it you can simply right click any file/folder and secure delete it as shown below: You can also encrypt a file using the same right clicking method as shown. Entering the correct password extracts the file and allows you to access it. Works pretty good.

panda_antivirus_fileshredder1 panda_antivirus_fileshredder2 panda_antivirus_fileshredder3 panda_antivirus_fileencrypter1

Lastly the password manager, lets try that. I have to install it first, after installing it it tells me there is an update to it so I went ahead and updated it: I cannot figure out how this password manager program works, it is just a database chooser application I guess. I tried to run the password depot after encrypting a file but it froze up on me and I could not store the password in password depot. I am gonna reboot see if that helps. Sadly when I try to use the password depot after encrypting a file it just hangs.

panda_antivirus_passwordmanager1 panda_antivirus_passwordmanager2 panda_antivirus_passwordmanager3s panda_antivirus_passwordmanager4 The password manager does have a cool utility that shows you how quickly your password could be cracked, makes me kinda afraid. I think this is a good program to have if you want to use secure passwords. Passwords are very important and losing them or getting them hacked is very bad thing. You would not want to have to go in and reset all your passwords either.


Drilling down further into Panda Anti-Virus Complete 2019 and looking at the settings, We can change the language, change the background of the application, create an advanced log, add a proxy, etc… Under the Panda Anti-Virus settings we have the usual anti-virus settings, such as scanning for PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), scanning compressed files, etc… Here we can add exclusions from the scan..

panda_antivirus_settings1 panda_antivirus_settings2 panda_antivirus_settings3

We have looked at most of the other settings already.

Well that is pretty much it for my review of Panda Anti-Virus Complete 2019 and I think it is a good anti-virus program. Unfortunately, the rescue usb drive did not work and neither did the function of sending alerts to my phone with the app. I could see the location of my phone though. I’m sure their support people could resolve both these issues . Overall I think this is a better anti virus solution the AVG . The main thing is though is that it onlys allows for 1 install on your PC, ableit there is a iOS and Android and Mac OS version included. If you want unlimited VPN and 24/7 dedicated support get the Premium version. I would recommend that version because you get dedicated support. Panda Anti-Virus Complete 2019 has some cool features such as the WiFi Analyzer and the File encryptor functions as well. Also blocking applications has its usefulness especially if someone else uses your computer not to mention the anti-virus and anti-ransomware features.

Best Regards,

Ray Sidhu