Customer Testimonials
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T. Roger    January 6, 2020
MacBook Pro virus removal
Ray did a great job, had it all cleaned up in less then 30 minutes, would of ended up waiting at apple bar forever , thanks Ray appreciated.
T. Ken    August 22, 2019
Needed to laptops upgrade with SSDs and windows 7 reloaded.
Great service had laptops back in a few hours.
T. Alan    May 22, 2019
My new HP less then 3 months old become stuck on black screen, Best Buy wanted 200 dollars to fix it, since it was a software issue.
I took it to Ray and he quickly determined the problem was a corrupt install, I dropped it off with him and had it back the next day fixed and running fast, he even backed up my pictures , great service friendly guy and great computer helper. Cheers!
T. Robert    April 22, 2019
My moms computer was running slow had viruses
Ray come out and removed all the viruses and got everything running normal in about an hour, I saved your number bro thanks for your help.
T. DJ    April 3, 2019
My MacBook was running slow
I brought my MacBook in and he reloaded the software on it in a couple of hours, and everything was alright, thanks a lot~ A++++
T. Matt Allen    January 16, 2019
My computers one connecting to the server
Ray came out same day and had it fixed in an hour and a half very happy with the service. And will use them again
T. James Hetfield    January 8, 2019
Needed my Xplorer Rugged Laptop reinstalled with software
Great Deal! Got my laptop back the same day
T. Jose    January 1, 2019
Needed 2 Desktops Reinstalled with Windows Vista
Ray did a great job, I spent all night trying to do this myself, I dropped it off and had them back a few hours later, thanks man!!
T. Ray    November 4, 2014
Needed new netgear router configured
Ray showed up on time and get the job done quickly!
T. George    July 10, 2014
Needed my laptop downgraded from windows 8 to windows 7
Great service, Ray, thanks for the fast work.
T. Paul    June 25, 2014
My Laptop was running really slow.
Ray backed up my files and installed Windows XP Home for me and now my computer is running like new again!!!
T. Andromeda    May 27, 2014
Laptop would freeze, not boot up
Ray found the problem was a bad memory, he backed up all my data and reinstalled the windows and i got it back same day
T. Eric Yung    April 19, 2014
Computer would not boot and would shut off slightly after being powered on.
My computer went down and I needed it to do work. I called Ray and within 30 minutes he was working on it and after an hour he knew what the problem was and what needed to be done to fix it. Ray worked dilgently to get my computer up and running again. He is a good guy and does great work, Thanks Ray!
T. Andrey    April 16, 2014
Needed computer restored and files backed up
Did a excellent job, had my computer back the next day working like new Ray backed up all my old files also.
T. Jamal    September 15, 2013
my laptop would not boot up
Ray found the problem within 10 minutes, needed a new hard drive, got my laptop back in a few hours, thanks man!
T. Jack    April 5, 2010
virus issues
quick turnaround, thanks!
T. Jessie Sparkle    March 12, 2010
My old HP wouldn't boot :*(
Ray is sweet he found out the problem quick (bad power supply) and showed me how to change out the dvd player in it and I want to thanks him for getting the parts for me too. Sparklez @---->>> muah
T. Lauren Mixon, Oakland PD    March 7, 2010
Needed my thinkpad restored.
Dropped it off and picked it up in the morning. Was able to reinstall my original copy of office without any disc and backed up my files. Keep up the good work! Sgt. Mixon.
T. Milo    March 1, 2010
Couldn't restore my netbook computer.
He swapped and replaced my hard drive which was the problem, gave me a break on his labor fee. Appreciated man! Milo.
T. Mitch    February 28, 2010
Windows kept on asking me to activate it and I couldn't do it over the internet or phone.
Had Ray just reinstall windows for me using his discs, thanks. Picked it up same day. Gave free anti-virus and spyware tools.
T. Teresa    February 24, 2010
Wireless network card not working.
Ray did a good job of trying to fix the problem but eventually just had him restore my laptop before I threw it out the window!!! Installed vista with no bundled software from HP that I didn't need! Highly Recommended!
T. Cameron    February 21, 2010
Anti Virus 2010
Awesome Job, The Kid has the Tools and the Talent! Did such a good job!
T. Leo Hoi    February 20, 2010
Needed files backedup and windows reinstalled and new Terabyte hard drive put in.
T. Josh    February 10, 2010
Needed spyware removed and wireless card fixed on my laptop.
Thanks Ray for helping me out! I am gonna recommend you to my friends and classmates!
T. Rueben    January 25, 2010
Spyware and Viruses
Quick Turnaround, Computer is Fast Now, Blew Out Dust, recommended!! I Will Use You again, Thanks Man!
T. Joan    January 12, 2010
Virus/Spyware Problems.
Great Technician, removed viruses/spyware internet runs normal, will use again! Joan B.
T. Fredrick    November 30, 2009
Computer wouldn't start up.
Determined the problem quickly (bad power supply) and had my computer back up and running fast, also replaced dvd-rw drive. Gave me a cheaper labor cost due to ease of solving the issue. Job accomplished!
T. Rick    October 3, 2009
Needed 3 computers wiped and restored with backup.
Quick service, good guy, experienced!
T. Vince    October 1, 2009
2 slow computers
Ray showed up quickly and was efficient as well. Solved all my issues and set me up with what I needed. Vince.
T. Tom Knott    September 16, 2009
My laptop had a spyware infection.
Great service, everything back to running normally. T.K.
T. Nick Lal    September 11, 2009
Needed files backed up and laptop restored.
Fast, courteous service. Even got my office 2007 back on my laptop without my disc. Thanks for your help Ray...
T. Murphy    August 17, 2009
Needed a dell with xp reinstalled, also needed a wireless setup for my daughters spare room.
I've used Ray a few times, first time was a couple years ago, that machine is still working fine. As usually prices are low and he is very helpful and courtesy, I gave him of my cousins homemade moonshine!! Ray let's go fishing sometime bud! Take Care...
T. Angela    July 9, 2009
Wanted to upgrade memory to 4 gigs.
Thanks Ray, fast service and parts were very inexpensive and labor as well.
T. Raymond Marshall    July 8, 2009
Needed wireless setup.
Arrived on time and went to the store to get parts I needed for my wireless setup. Also advised on other issues I was having, great tech and service. Will use again, thanks
T. Jaime    July 2, 2009
Spyware infection.
Fast, cheap service, had laptop back in a couple hours without any more spyware!! J.M.
T. Tony    June 27, 2009
Laptop with major virus infections.
Great price and service, only option was to restore windows. He backed up all my pics and music for me tho, thanks!
T. Alfonso    June 25, 2009
laptop jack broken
thanks ray great service
T. Danny    June 22, 2009
Needed a new hard drive installed in my laptop and windows reinstalled.
Ray arrived quickly after I called him and did the job fast!!! Thanks bro!! I will call you next week to setup my wireless!!
T. Tony Gonsalves    June 16, 2009
My system was running slow and giving me error messages.
Prompt, friendly service. Removed several viruses and trojans from my computer and blew out dust, Computer runs normally now.
T. Bryan    June 12, 2009
Couldn't open my video editing documents or view video files off of webpages.
Ray arrived on time and resolved both of my issues in less then an hour. I Will use you again Ray! Appreciate it!
T. Leanne    June 10, 2009
Computer freezing on startup.
Ray did a great job of cleaning up my computer. Virus is gone and he took his time to make sure the virus was gone and computer worked normally. Thank you.
T. Bob Bower    June 6, 2009
Needed a dell computer wiped and windows reinstalled.
Fast service had computer back in a couple hours.
T. Nate    June 3, 2009
Laptop was blue screening and shutting down.
He found out I had a bad hard drive. Had laptop back same day. Job well done man. Thanks!
T. Dave    May 30, 2009
Needed 3 TV's setup.
Awesome Service! Low Labor Price! Everything setup how I wanted it and saved me the stress of doing it myself! Highly Recommended!
T. Jas    May 26, 2009
Needed two computers wiped and windows reinstalled.
Good service, arrived quickly, installed free anti-virus and spyware, upgraded memory in both computers and installed a dvd-burner all within a few hours.
T. Mike    May 17, 2009
My girls laptop would not connect wirelessly for the life of me! Even after a clean install of windows!
Ray came over right away and figured out the problem was the pre-installed norton security software. He fixed it and setup my wireless with security. Thanks man, I will use you again!
T. Gary    May 15, 2009
Slow laptop running Vista.
Ray came over and determined I didn't have a spyware or virus infection. He upgraded my laptop memory and did some tricks and now my laptop runs normal again! I will use him again and recommend him to others!
T. Nannu Singh    April 25, 2009
Computer would not start.
Ray provided good service, came over late and resloved my issue quickly. I will recommend him to others.
T. Roger    March 15, 2009
Spyware Infection
Quick turnaround, spyware is gone, Thanks Bud!!
T. Marie Leatherby    February 18, 2009
New HP Printer, Scan, Fax Machine kept crashing my computer with blue screen errors.
Ray backed up all my data after determining I had a bad motherboard on my computer. He showed me where to get a brand new computer, monitor and wireless system at fry's for a very good price. He hooked it all up to and now I can get back to business. Thanks Ray You Are Very Much Appreciated!!
T. Cliffs Marina    January 17, 2009
Virus/Spyware our computer unable to start.
Backedup Our Important Data, Reinstalled Windows XP and hooked everything backup for cheap.
T. Joanna    January 6, 2009
Needed Laptop Backed Up and Restored.
Good Service, got my laptop back the same day!
T. Robbie    December 8, 2008
Needed my whole system backed up and restored.
Ray backed up all my emails, ups data, quicken data and documents and my beloved pictures!! He also restored a laptop for me with Vista. Excellent Service!!
T. Adam    December 2, 2008
Needed network printer and fax setup. Outlook emails needed to be transferred.
Did everything I needed plus more. Great Tech. Experienced! Thx Ray!
T. Mil    November 20, 2008
Needed a desktop computer and laptop setup.
Ray's service was great. He was on time and had me hooked up and ready to go in no time!! A+
T. Suzzettee    November 15, 2008
My computer crashed and I had precious picutres and important documents and emails on it!!
Ray is Awesome! He got my stuff off it, restored it and now it is like new again!
T. Victor    November 9, 2008
Needed a virus removed off my laptop and a wireless repeater setup.
Great Service, solved both problems! Thanks Ray!
T. Tim    November 9, 2008
Needed computer tune up.
Ray was on time and friendly, he spent 2 hours tuning up my computer and now it works great!
T. Alex    October 30, 2008
Laptop was slow and crashing. Hard drive was making loud noise.
I dropped my laptop at Rays house and he dianosed the problem and had my laptop back to me with a new hard drive and xp installed that evening. Great Service! Will recommend him to friends.. Thanks Ray.
T. Mike    September 30, 2008
Spyware and Viruses
Great service, fixed all issues. I will recommend him to my friends and anyone else!!
T. Lyle    September 8, 2008
Needed to downgrade from windows vista to xp but could not do it.
Ray came over the same day and had my computer back in a few hours with xp pro installed, thanks!! I recommend him to anyone.
T. Joe    August 27, 2008
Could not connect to internet.
I thought I had a virus but it turns out the problem was with comcast and Ray helped me fix it over the phone with them. Thanks!
T. Robert    April 7, 2008
Could not receive e-mail with my outlook.
Ray quickly determined the problem was a corrupt email message on the yahoo mail server. His service was prompt and professional. Thanks!!
T. Tom    March 29, 2008
Needed old laptop upgraded and wireless setup!
I've used ray a few times, he is always friendly and knows his stuff, thanks again Ray.
T. Tim Hooker    January 3, 2008
Small Office Networking
I've used Ray 3 times to help a client of mine. He is always on time and efficient. He rate is flat and low. I will use him again. He is great for small office issues. I would recommend him to others!
T. Dr. Bill    November 28, 2007
Could not get or stay connected to the wireless internet.
Ray made a same day appointment to have my internet connection secure. He was fast, honest and reliable...the way everyone should be but aren't. I will use Ray again and recommend him to my friends.
T. Jason    November 25, 2007
I could not get windows xp to install on my dell.
Quick service, Ray explained the problem and had my computer back in 4 hours with xp and all updates installed, plus free anti-virus and anti-spyware. Thanks!
T. Erica Sanchez    November 16, 2007
Ray came over right away and within an hour determined my computer was beyond screwed up. He backed up my stuff and reinstalled windows xp for me and gave me free anti virus and anti-spyware. Everything is good now, thanks Ray!
T. Timothy Kim    November 11, 2007
Needed to hookup a laserbut jet printer on Vista but couldn't figure out how to do it.
Ray came all the up to El Dorado Hills and hooked it up and networked it in about 15 minutes and it works fine now. Thanks Ray!! I recommend him to anyone!
T. Erena    September 5, 2007
Could not log into yahoo mail or myspace..
Ray came over quickly and found the problem to be with my Mcafee security features, he configured it and now it works!! Yay!!!
T. TD    August 22, 2007
Great Quality Computer with bad power jack.
Thanks Ray!!
T. Tahir    August 19, 2007
Older Dell with bad power jack.
Ray order a new jack for me and fixed it! Good Service.
T. Cody    August 19, 2007
My kids infected my computer with spyware and viruses.
Ray showed up within 30 minutes after calling him. He took about 2 hours cleaning up my computer and now it runs normal again! I recommend him to anyone. Thanks Ray!
T. Tom Harlo    August 15, 2007
Wireless network setup issues
I just wanna say Ray is really good at what he does, within an hour had my wireless and wired network running like it should (FAST). Use Him!!!
T. Jon    July 30, 2007
Wireless Setup
Thanks Ray!
T. Tom Hayes    July 27, 2007
Needed to setup vonage, wireless internet and a new printer.
Ray is good!! I would have never been able to do this by myself, he got everything hooked up in an hour! Fast and Efficient! Thanks Ray!!
T. Bob    June 14, 2007
Laptop jack was broken.
Ray's service is great he fixed my laptop and added more memory too. Thanks Ray!
T. Rob    June 7, 2007
Ray came over as soon as I called him and spent an hour or so cleaning up my computer and drinking coffee, runs like it should now thanks man!
T. Ima    May 22, 2007
My computer made a loud pop sound with sparks and started smoking.
Ray knew exactly what the problem was and replaced my power supply, he had my computer back up and running in 15 minutes, I will definitely be using him again.
T. Janus    April 27, 2007
My surewest internet was not working.
Ray was patient with me and took plenty of time to take care of my issue, he installed a new router and hooked up all my computers with sharing. <<<RAY>>>
T. Jim    April 3, 2007
Ray was skilled, quick and efficient. He had my computer up in running in 30 minutes (I had spent 2 hours trying it myself) ! Highly Recommended!
T. Mike    March 5, 2007
Computer was slow, wanted to backup and restore it but lost my restore disc.
Ray's was able to restore my computer using his own disc and he backed up my data and added more memory, he did it on a weekend even. Thanks Ray!!
T. John    February 17, 2007
Needed my HP laptop power jack repaired and documents off of another computer.
Ray ordered the parts for me and got my documents off my crashed desktop, he had my laptop and documents back the next day.
T. Michael Halterman    February 13, 2007
My Work Desktop Computer had serious issues!
Ray, you saved my butt! He backed up all my data and restored my system, I was back up in running in 3 hours, he did it all at my office! Ray Thanks!
T. Brett    January 27, 2007
Computer was making clicking sound. Computer wouldn't boot.
Ray quickly determined the hard drive was bad and also he tried to recover my files but was unable too, he installed a new drive and a fresh copy of windows xp and referred me to a data restore service. Ray thanks for you time and quick turnaround.
T. Rose    January 9, 2007
Mucho Problemos! I Had laptop issues and desktop issues.
Ray is great, he spent 5 hours at my house and fixed and restored my laptop, cracked a xp password for me, setup my wireless, fixed my desktop and now it flies!!! Ray Your Awesome!!! I recommend him to anyone. :0)
T. Tad    January 9, 2007
My HP laptop power jack.
Ray ordered a new jack and soldered it onto my laptop motherboard, problem solved!
T. Ira    December 5, 2006
CPU was overheating, computer shutting down and having other problems, need troubleshooting and maintenance.
Ray was very responsive, efficient, professional, thorough and helpful. I greatly appreciate his assistance and recommend him to others
T. jessica    November 21, 2006
wirless internet was not working
ray came over fairly late and found out my wirless router was bad, he drove to the store and bought a new one for me installed and setup my wireless and desktop with security!! thanks hun!
T. bob    November 9, 2006
Laptop Jack
Re-solder my laptop ac jack, drop off my laptop in the evening, picked it up in the morning, thanks bro!
T. Tonia    October 5, 2006
Laptop was slow and I wanted to upgrade!
Ray met me at my work and took my laptop home, he backed up my files and upgraded my ram,harddrive and windows and even fixed my keyboard!!! Thanks Ray!!!
T. Cynthia    October 2, 2006
Need wireless setup for pc/mac and printers and data transferred for mac and pc's!
Good service, came over same day and hooked up secure wireless for everything and transferred data from my old mac to new! Thanks Again!
T. Pete    July 13, 2006
I bought a new dell computer and needed it hooked up and connected to my network.
Service was prompt and professional, even secured my wireless network which was previously unsecured and setup my network printer so i could print from my wireless laptops. Thanks Ray, much appreciated!
T. Lynne    July 11, 2006
My windows xp computer kept on rebooting with a blue screen.
Ray drove to my house at 9:30am and took my computer home, he determined the problem within 1 hour and I had my computer back around 6pm that evening and he hooked up my internet and email for me too!
T. Phil    June 22, 2006
Spyware Infection
Good service, removed all spyware and viruses and blew out the dust from my PC. Thanks Man!
T. Rich    June 2, 2006
HP ZE5200 with a messed up ac jack
Ray drove to my house and took apart my laptop and soldered the ac jack and now it works, thanks!
T. matt    May 27, 2006
power jack on laptop
ray was able to solder my laptop power jack, now I have my laptop back and don't have to buy a new one, thanks ray!
T. Jennifer    May 26, 2006
Fujitsu Laptop and Gateway desktop crashed at the same time putting me out of business!!!!
Ray is nice and drove all the way out to Lodi the same day I called him. He quickly determined the problems, one being a faulty hard drive, the other a bad memory chip, he was able to remove these and got bot computers working within 2 hours time. Highly recommended for quick, reliable service!
T. John Senco    May 18, 2006
My computer would not boot after trying to install a extra hard drive.
Ray came over and had to take my computer home. Turns out I really messed it up, he had to replace my motherboard and power supply, he upgraded the memory for me as well, now everything works fast and had my computer back the next day.
T. Nathan    April 10, 2006
HP Laptop kept rebooting during startup.
Ray is AWESOME! He was able to get my pictures off my hard drive, even though the hard drive was bad. He replaced the drive and restored my computer, even though i lost my restore disc, he also added 1 Gig of ram and now my laptop flies! His labor charges were low. I recommend him to anyone!
T. Gary    March 18, 2006
Fujitsu laptop would not boot into windows and I needed important files off of hard drive.
Backed up my files and restored my laptop within 2 hours! Thanks a Bunch!!!!!!!!!!!
T. Marlene    March 14, 2006
My computer constantly kept popping up the windows installer making it really slow and I couldn't get emails with incredimail or outlook.
Great service, fixed issues quickly and was in and out in no time. Thanks Ray!!
T. Edward    February 4, 2006
Couldn't reinstall xp, needed wireless setup.
Ray determined the problem was a bad cd-drive and setup my wireless network with security, everything is ok now, fast service and reasonable price.
T. Lorna    January 31, 2006
My laptops keyboard was typing the wrong keys and I was having trouble sharing my printer with my other computers.
Ray's service was great, he was on-time and fixed both issues.
T. Minister Rob Tyler    November 9, 2005
HP LaserJet 4500 network printer would not print or show up on our network after computer upgrade.
Ray arrived in 1 hour and solved the issue in 30 mins and we were able to print locally and from the network again. Thanks Ray!
T. Rayna    June 28, 2005
Needed a system wiped out and reconfigured with upgrades
Flexible timing, detail-oriented, persistent until the problem was fixed!
T. Andrea Gable    June 8, 2005
I had 2 computers with issues. 1 computer had an email problem and the other computer was older and running very slow.
Ray came over the same day I called him and worked on my computer and took my other computer home with him another day. He drove quite a ways to my house and even went to a store to get parts for me. Everything works great now, thanks to Ray. I would definitely recommend anyone to call him. Thanks Ray!!!
T. Jay    May 22, 2005
Pop ups, over heating and spy ware were killing my lap top
Great reliable service fixed every issue before leaving.
T. Greg    May 22, 2005
I had a problem with no audio on my comp.
I was able to fix it with a suggestion from Ray. While he didn't charge me for just some suggestions, I will use him the next time I do need paid work.
T. Tax Care Pros    May 18, 2005
Website Forms.
Rays service was supperior and timely. I didnt have to give him any direction once he knew my problem. The final result was better than I expected. Ray took on the project and ran with it. Not to mention the great price he offered. I will most defiantly be a return customer. Thanks for making it easy. DJ
T. Bart Narter    April 26, 2005
HTML rendering in Lotus Notes
Ray figured out the problem and came up with a solution quickly and efficiently. He succeeded where others failed.
T. Russ Hamilton    October 6, 2004
I highly recommend Ray because of his fair pricing, ability to carry out the desired project in a timely manner. He does not make promises that he can't keep
I could not find a webmaster that would complete a database that I wanted and a webmaster who would do any work in a timely fashion
T. TJ    August 29, 2004
Ray knows what he's doing. On my site he really exceeded my expectations. From now on I will only go to him for all my web site and computer needs. I would highly recommend him to anybody.
fixed the content, password login
T. Les    August 13, 2004
Formatted hard drive and reinstalled Windows Me and Updated all software and drivers.
Spyware was locking up computer, I had massive spyware infection!
T. Jason Pearson    August 9, 2004
Great service at a great price! Very helpful, exceeded expectations!
Made a page for me that uploaded pictures automatically for my website.
T. Gina    July 29, 2004
Thanks, Ray! I've already recommended you to others.
Put in a wi-fi network.
T. Leila    July 28, 2004
Ray created an awesome website for me. He was very patient and very knowledgable. I am very pleased with the results and would definitely refer friends.